Beard Combo Pack ($25)

Breezy Beard Balm
Lavender Wood Beard Balm
Sweet Lemon Beard Balm

Beard Balm

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Fire Hair Care is committed to providing all-natural, organic products designed to improve the comfort and quality of our customers’ hair and skin. We believe in the importance of high-quality skin and hair care for men.

Fire Beard Balm is your go-to tool for sculpting a well-groomed beard that looks robust and effortless. Once applied, our balm conditions your beard and holds in moisture, keeping all of those annoying stray hairs nice and close to your face. Like all of our products, the balm is 100% organic and comes in a variety of scents, including Lavender Wood, Breezy (beachfront spray), and Sweet Lemon.


  • Works well with any hair type
  • Restores damaged and broken hair
  • Leaves no noticeable residue after styling is finished
  • Holds up in both high heat and frost
  • Contains lanolin, safflower, and shea butter